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Training Tips

Trash Can

To break a dog from getting in the trash can place a set mouse trap in the top of a full trash can with a piece of paper over it. Dog will touch paper, trap goes off. I think the noise scares the tar out of them a couple times of this and they think that trash can is one mean piece of furniture.


Deer Chasing

Before taking dogs to woods, go to woods and set some mouse traps with deer scent on them where the dogs will find them. Take dogs to woods. They will be hunting or looking around and run across them if they decide to mess with them they will get a snap. The nice thing about this is it is instant when they find it and you are not around.


Skunk Odor

The remedy Krebaum prescribes neutralizes thiols by inducing them to combine with oxygen, supplied by hydrogen peroxide. (The concoction is a quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, a quarter cup of baking soda, and a teaspoon of liquid soap.) Krebaum has not tried to market his skunk potion, because there is no way to store it. "If you put the ingredients in a sealed bottle, the whole thing would explode."
Try it, people tell me it really works well, just don't put it in a sealed container!


Skunk odor
quick fix.. aerosol riteguard. deodorant dose the trick

(Stephanie Hill)

Skunk odor

Forget all those "home made" recipes that may explode. All you need is a bottle of Tomato Ketchup, the acid in the tomato's will neutralize ANY odor. You can also put some on your hands, rub them together and remove odors, such as fish, onion, etc.

(Mike Dempsey)

Barking Treed

Trap a squirrel let him cage bark/ fight it while in cage. Pull it up in a tree pretty high, don't want to get him jumping at the tree. Walk off. When he barks go back to him pet him/ praise him, shake the cage rope hiss him, hoop and holler make it exciting for him. Then walk off again. When he barks repeat your actions. Your trying to retrain him that when he barks you will come to him. Warning don't do this very many time at once you will burn him out. just remember to be consistent. This is one of the methods to use on a young dog that won't bark. Oh yes from now on if he trees a squirrel in the woods go to where you can see him wait a minute or two if he does not bark just walk away don't say anything as you leave. If he barks go to him no matter where he is at. When you get to the tree hoop, holler, again make it exciting.


If you have a puppy that loves to eat I have a great way to get him to bark. 
All u have to do is slowly start feeding your puppy less and less for a
couple days.  Then one day don't feed him at all until late at night or that
evening.  Put your dog food bag in front of him while chained up on a tree or
what ever u have.  Let him smell it and jump at it until he is winning and
tell him good boy and give him one or two pieces of food, do this over and
over and don't give in when he doesn't bark, just get up and leave and wait
for him to bark and repeat the same thing over until he will bark when u tell
him to.  and feed him like that for 2 or 3 days or how ever long it takes
until he gets it.  slowly start doing it with a squirrel and when he gets
that, chain him up and drag it off till he cant' see you and if he finds it
don't let him get it until he barks.  If you do it enough he will get used to
it and bark when he gets to the tree every time.  good luck, hope i could
help you and your dog.


Tying Dog at Tree

It helps to get into the practice of tying your young dog at the tree when he/she first begins treeing, to prevent aggravating bad habits from ever beginning. Tying him to the tree or a nearby tree will do, be sure to place him out of the way of any other older dogs.


Dog's and car sickness

Get a young pup used to riding in the dog box--first trips should be on an empty stomach--keep the trips short and fun, then gradually extend them as pup gets used to vehicle motion. In this manner, the first few actual hunting trips that the young pup experiences won't be marred by uncomfortable motion sickness causing an unpleasant experience he has to get over before serious training begins.


Training Tube

This training tube is easily made out of wire rolled into a tube. It works good for getting pups going. Just don't over do it and burn them out on it. The box at the end is the house for the Squirrel. The box in the middle has a slot in it so you can stop the Squirrel from going back into house while training. Click here for pictures.

The training tube I use is only 10 feet long. By keeping it short it can be raised into a tree.


Fishing for Squirrels

Get your rod and reel and tie a 1/2" nut to the line. Throw it over a high limb close to the tree trunk and let the nut come to the ground. Tie a fresh dead squirrel or tail to the line (if using just tail keep the nut tied on). Lay a trail with the squirrel and pull the squirrel up in the air about 6 ft. Take your reel and back as far away as the line allows or to where you can still see your pup. Don't let your pup see you doing all this. Let your pup loose and get your reel when your pup smells the squirrel and starts looking around move the squirrel a little bit. The pup should start barking and jumping at the squirrel. Pulling the squirrel up into the tree shows the pup that squirrels climb trees. Moving the squirrel a little in the tree will keep his attention and should make him tree. I let the pup tree a few minutes and then praise him a lot. Get your 22 rifle (small guns work better with pups in the beginning stages) shoot up in the air, let the squirrel come down to the pup (this works easier with two people) if your pup runs away with the squirrel you can reel him back in and teach him to drop the squirrel. Also throwing the 1/2" nut across several limbs and using just a squirrel tail the trainer can show the pup a squirrel running through the trees.


Gun Shy Dogs

If you have a gun-shy dog, then it helps if you play with it by putting
some pebbles in a tin can and rolling it around.  just get him to play with
it then eventually, you can shoot around him.


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