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SDC Subscription Info


  1. It will remove the Google ads from the forums.
  2. It will remove the 1 post per day limit.
  3. Allowed to post items for sale in classifieds forum.
  4. Enter into the drawings.
  5. Allowed to post pictures (500k limit per post).
  6. Remove the 2 minute limit in the search feature to find topics of interest in forums.
  7. View other members forum profiles.
  8. Add an avatar to your forum profile.
  9. Add a signature to your forum profile promoting your personal website.
  10. Add a personal picture to your forum profile.
  11. Store 50 messages in personal message system.
  12. View all the dogs in the Online Pedigree System

To purchase your SDC subscription:

  1. Register and log into an account in Forums
  2. Go to "Subscriptions" at top of page.
  3. Select the subscription package and follow the instructions.
  4. You can use this also to mail your subscription in. It will print out the info to mail in with your subscription.

If you pay for your subscription by Paypal with a direct withdraw from your Paypal account (Funds must already be in your Paypal account) or credit card your subscription should process in minutes. If you do a Paypal E-check payment, them take around 4-5 business days to go through (This amount of time is not the fault of SDC).

If you have a subscription already you will be able to check expiration date here also. You can now renew your subscription before it expires.

Mailing address available on Contact Info Page

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