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Marvelous Max

NKC, UKC Registered

References Available on Request:

Stud Fee $200

Negative Brucellosis test Required.

We are offering Max now to the public for stud. A little about Max. Max started at 5 and 1/2 month old treeing his first squirrel. From that first squirrel Max never looked back. Max is the total package squirrel dog. Max uses his eyes and ears to perfection and has a great nose with great winding ability. Max is very inteligent and handles like a dream. Max is a deadly accurate stayput treedog. Max has enterd 6 competion hunts and winning all 6 cast. Max also won the 2010 NKC KY State Youth Hunt. Max has done good in competion but more so he is a squirrel dog and a dog that can fill the tailgait.

The offspring of Max are showing the same qualitys. We have great results from some pups and young dogs produced from Max. We are showing 80% of the pups are making squirrel dogs. That itself is remarkable.

We have pups from Max from time to time, or we can help you locate some out of him.

We breed Max to good females only.

Good Time Mountain Feist

Jason Harris


386 Charlie Sizemore
Manchester, Ky. 40962
Home: 606-599-8301
Cell: 606-813-4277


Added Feb, 2011

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