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Tree Time Kennels

Tree Time Galloway's Burley

***At Stud***


PKC Squirrel and Coon Hunt Money Winner

OMCBA Bench Champion

NKC Bench Champion

2005 NKC Alabama State Best Male Of Show

OMCBA 2005 Spring Classic Coon Hunt--5th Place

Burley is a chest on the wood, hard stay put tree dog, with a big loud mouth chop on tree. He trees just like you see him in the picture. He will tree squirrel by day or coon by night. If you have a good female that you would like to breed to get that hard hunting, get treed quick, and stay at the tree dog, then you need to breed to Burley. Tree Time Kennels currently own and enjoy Hunting two of Burley's daughter's, Culbertson's Wild Rose and Tree Time Susie. Anybody that has ever hunted with Rose knows she speaks for her self. And Susie hunts just as hard as Rose. We will have pups available from time to time from a few of our selected females.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Accomplishments Of One Of Burley's Daughters. Culbertson's Wild Rose.

USDR Squirrel Champion

USDR-1st Competition Hunt Ever at 7 months old-1050+ points 1st Place

USDR- April 2003 600+ 1st Place win PeeDee Squirrel Hunters Assoc.

USDR-Jan 2004 875+ 1st Place Win PeeDee Squirrel Hunters Assoc.

3 USDR Hunts with a Total of 2525+ Points---NO MINUS

Made Squirrel Champion in 3 hunts

OMCBA Grand Squirrel Champion

Made OMCBA Squirrel Champion at 9 months old--Youngest OMCBA Squirrel Champion Ever

OMCBA Spring Classic Jr. Division-March 23, 2002-- 1st Place Win at 9 months old

OMCBA World Hunt, Dec. 6th-7th 2002 Reserve World Champion

OMCBA World Hunt Dec. 2004 4th Place

OMCBA Spring Classic 2004 Champion Of Champions Hunt---3rd Place

UKC Squirrel Champion

Made UKC Squirrel Champion In 3 Hunts

UKC Taccoa, Ga. Aug. 2003--4th Place squirrel hunt

UKC Southern Heritage Classic-Feb. 2004--1st Place 1475+ points

UKC March 2004--Red Hill Hunt Club 2nd Place

UKC Nov. 2004 UKC Nationals Alexander City, Alabama 4th Place

UKC 2004 Black Gold Squirrel Dog Challenge Reserve Champion


March 2005-NKC Alabama State 1st place

All these wins and Rose just turned 3 years old!!!

Jon Culbertson

Laurens, SC


Charles Scott Russ "MountainMan" Cassell

Sunset, SC



For References on Burley Contact Danny Wilkinson at Wilkinson's Hardwood Kennels (225) 667-2072

Added May, 2005

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