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White Plains Kennels home of

Smokin Bullet

Registered OMCBA, UMCA, NKC, UKC and PKC Select Sire.

Super Grand Squirrel Champion • Night Champion • Bench Champion

Reserve World Champion • Multiple State Champion Titles

Date Of Birth 11-03-04

Artificial Insemination Through







In nearly 20 years of owning, hunting and handling Cur dogs I can say that I have been fortunate enough to own a couple of exceptional dogs. Smokin Bullet is one that is in that category.

Bullet comes from a long line of Champion Hall of Fame dogs. His sire Phillips Streak Crook is out of Smiths Streak and Conatser’s Daisy II. His dam Tree Talkin Mindy is out of Hunt’s Chigger and Hunt’s Mandy. You can click the link below to see Bullet’s Pedigree and pictures of his parents and grandparents.

Bullet does not waste a bunch of time when cut loose and get’s straight to the job at hand whether it be on squirrel or coon. Bullet is a no nonsense game smart, get gone and get treed fast and accurately type dog.

When Bullet trees there is no double guessing and he will stay as long as it takes regardless of circumstance or pressure. Bullet will drive a track fast and silent and he don’t take long to make his mind up at the end of it. Bullet trees up on the wood with a good mouth and a steady chop.

Bullet has done very well in competition but is also an absolute pleasure to hunt. It don’t take Bullet long to fill a game bag, on a good or rough day he always comes through, Bullet is a very consistent dog.

All these traits have been proven to be passed to Bullets pups. This is why we offer Bullet at stud at this time to quality females.

I feel strongly that Smokin Bullet has something to offer the Cur dog breed. If not Bullet would not be offered at stud at all. I also feel that to obtain quality pups you must have a quality dam. I am not completely sold on breeding just for bloodline. I believe in breeding a good reproducing proven male to a good proven female for better than average puppies. I do not look for quantity of pups but quality of pups. With that in mind I strive for better than what I am hunting today.

There are several stud dogs out there but I believe there are none quite like Smokin Bullet. He brings his own personality to the table it shows in his pups. Bullet has been hunted and seen by many, call around ask about him, see what folks have to say. References are readily available but the best reference will always stand true, Come see Smokin Bullet or Bullet pups for yourself.

Thank you,

David Schneider

White Plains Kennels
David Schneider
(812) 926-2334


Added Dec, 2009

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