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Franklin's Thunder Sport

Negative Brucellosis Required

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$200 and Up.

2003 WTDA World Youth Squirrel Champion

2003 World Tree Dog Mountain Cur Dog of the Year

2003 Southeastern Cur & Feist Combination Dog

2004 WTDA World Reserve Youth Night Champion

2004 WTDA World Night Champion

2004 World Youth Squirrel Champion

2004 OMCBA Reserve World Squirrel Champion

2004 NC & FBA World Night Champion

2005 WTDA West Virginia State Squirrel Champion

2005 WTDA West Virginia State Combination Dog

2005 WTDA Most Championship Points of the year

2006 OMCBA Spring Squirrel Hunt - 1st Place

2006 WTDA Maryland State Combination Dog

WTDA Super Grand Squirrel Champion

WTDA Super Grand Bench Champion

OMCBA Grand Squirrel Champion

NKC Grand Squirrel Champion

WTDA Grand Night Champion

WTDA Kentucky State Reserve Squirrel Champion

Thunder Sport is a direct son of Hall of Fame Franklin's Thunder. Thunder Sport is a hard hunting, stay put tree dog. Thunder Sport is producing some outstanding squirrel and coon dogs for competition and pleasure.

Franklin's Mountain Cur Kennels

Allen & Jeremy Franklin

48224 Seneca Lake Rd

Sarahsville, Ohio 43779

(740) 732-5647

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